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Are you ready to experience your next escape room experience?  Can you escape and be the next great Room Escape Wizard?



How Does An Escape Room Game Work?

Experience the Escape Room with your friends in Dallas!

Get locked in a mysterious room.

Look for clues in a escape room game

Search for clues.

Teamwork is key in an escape room game!

Work together as a team to solve puzzles and find a way out.

Success! You escaped the room and you're the next Room Escape Wizard in Dallas!

Escape with time on the clock and celebrate your success! You are now the next Room Escape Wizard!

Who Should Play?


Escape Room Puzzle Enthusiasts

Puzzle Enthusiasts

Room Escape Wizards created 2 escape room games filled with puzzles that are fun and also challenging.  Our clues can be tricky but no special skill or knowledge is required to escape before time runs out.  Join us and test your puzzle solving skills!  See if you and your friends can escape with the fastest escape room time!

Room Escape Wizards Team Building & Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Build leadership and communication skills with your colleagues. Does your team have what it takes to be the next Room Escape Wizards?

Room Escape Wizards Great for Family and Friends!

Friends and Family

Switch up your routine and spend a fun hour at Room Escape Wizards by interacting in a whole new way.  Can you and your friends escape our escape room in 60 minutes or less?

Escape Room Perfect For Special Events

Special Events

Celebrate birthdays, date nights, anniversary's, you name it, in an unique and exciting way.  What other way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion than doing something different and exciting like an escape room game! 

The Escape Rooms


At Room Escape Wizards, we’ve designed our escape rooms to be unique, challenging, and fun with an immersive experience.  Communication and teamwork are critical to escaping the room before time runs out.  Our escape rooms are updated periodically, so check back often to see if there is a new escape room experience waiting for you! 

Current Escape Rooms

Office Escape

It's 4pm on a Friday with fantastic weather to go out and start the weekend.  But your manager just sent you and your team the memo about the dreaded report that needs to be done by 5pm.  Will you and your team be able to finish in time?  Or will everyone crumble under pressure and face another day in the office on a Saturday?

Room capacity: 8 people
Escape Rate %: 32%
Fastest time: 32:59




Hidden Heirloom

You just found out your Great Aunt Tessie left you a timeless heirloom in her will.  Unfortunately for you, the barn will be sold in an hour and she did not tell you where the heirloom is.  You've recruited your friends for help to find the clues to lead you to this hidden treasure.  Will you and your friends be able to find the clues to lead you to the hidden heirloom?  Or will you lose it forever?

Room capacity: 8 people
Escape Rate %: 21%
Fastest time: 43.55

Room Escape Wizards Leaderboard

Fastest Time For Each Room To Escape Goes To...

Heirloom Room - Fastest time of 43:55 goes to this fantastic team! - Record time set on August 2016

Heirloom Room - Fastest time of 43:55 goes to this fantastic team! - Record time set on August 2016

Office Escape - Fastest time of 32:59 goes to this group of friends! Great job!  Record time set on January 2017