Corporate Team Building Event

Want to do something different, fun, exciting, encourages out of the box thinking, and most of all, a team bonding experience for your next team building event? 

Well here at Room Escape Wizards we take corporate team building to a whole new level!   At Room Escape Wizards, participants are placed in a room where you and your coworkers must escape the room within 60 minutes before time runs out.  I know what you’re thinking, how does having your team trapped in an escape room for an hour build teamwork or seem fun?  We simply do this by creating and placing a series of clues, challenges, and puzzles throughout
the room, where you and your coworkers must overcome in order to successfully escape. By having a common objective in mind, you and your coworkers must work together and communicate effectively to achieve the same goal.

In order to escape the room before time runs out, you and your coworkers must share, process, and mold information together into something meaningful. This can take the form of active discussion, brainstorming or even simply bouncing ideas off one another until someone figures out how to solve the puzzle at hand. When this happens, you and your coworkers will naturally realize the importance and significance of trusting and communicating with each other during this process. Because of the 60 minute time limit, it is imperative that tasks are delegated, that ideas are talked through, and that the ideas are executed in a timely and accurate fashion. With all this going on, you and your coworkers will quickly discover just how important that working as a team is, as you get closer to solving the puzzles.

So whether your team escapes with the fastest time, or time just slipped on right pass them, our guests comes out having a great time.  When the Game Host debriefs the teams after their game, our guests tells us what they could have done better; some individuals could have spoken up, others could have listened more, or in general, the whole team could have focused more on a particular idea, multi tasked better, paid more attention to detail, or delegated more effectively. Perhaps without even realizing it, these teams have just come out of our escape room experience with new insight and lessons that can be brought into their work environment to create a better team.

So are you and your coworkers ready for the escape room challenge?  Are you and your coworkers ready to do something fun, different, and exciting for your next team building event? If so, check out our 2 escape room games and book your next escape room team building event at Room Escape Wizards.

If you have any questions, feel free to check out our FAQ or contact us about your next team building event.